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We encourage all members of Sacred Heart to be involved in the mission of Jesus Christ:  to share His message of salvation, to build up the Body of Christ, the Church, and to encounter Christ through regular reception of His sacraments, that we would all know, love and live for our Lord Jesus.  Please join us in our service to the Lord!


Reflections on March For Life 2016

Chase & Payton Kucker needed to share their reflections with St. Thomas Aquinas homeschool academy.  Chase won 5th place out of 200 entries for the SD Right to Life essay: 

 How would you build a pro-life generation? 
Short Reflections about the March for Life 2016 by Payton Kucker, 16 years,  

Sacred Heart Parish, Student of STAA

 My first March for Life was an unforgettable experience.  When the Sioux Falls Diocese finally arrived at DC after a twenty-four hour bus trip (three hours in a car before that), we were ready to start sight-seeing and participate in the pro-life event.  During the march, there were images of abortion victims displayed on big screens and that is when God really touched me.  We were forced to leave shortly after our arrival because of the oncoming snowstorm, Jonas, as it was called.  Covered in snow and quite wet, we traveled five hours towards home only to become delayed at the Pennsylvania turnpike for twenty-two hours.  An amazing mass was then said after several hours of being stranded.  Because of our experiences on the turnpike, news of the March for Life was received by the media which usually never happens.  Once we were able to leave, the bus backtracked to Bedford’s St. Thomas school where we were graciously invited for dinner and a gym to spend the night.  I had no idea that chicken alfredo could taste so delicious after eating plenty of gas station food.  Sleeping on the cold gymnasium floor was one on the most difficult episodes of our long journey, but I was thankful to stretch my legs. The next day we left for Sioux Falls, but did not arrive  until early Monday morning (one day later than the original plan). Thankful for this amazing pilgrimage that parishioners from Sacred Heart help fund,  I have definitely received an even greater respect for life and hope to attend next year.                                           


Short Reflections on My Pilgrimage to the March For Life 2016 by Chase Kucker, 17 years

Sacred Heart Parish, Aberdeen, SD, Student of STAA

 This is my second joyful year of participating in the March for Life and one of the most unexpected turn-outs I have ever witnessed.  I was quite aware of everything the Sioux Falls Diocese planned on this celebration of life.  What I wasn’t ready for is that God had a greater plan than I could have ever imagined.  Aware of the storm warnings when the group departed, the Sioux Falls diocese took every precaution in our proceedings to make this trip a lasting memory.  My first thought was: snow, so what? We drove through a blizzard to get to the march last year.  The trip to Washington D.C. went rather smoothly .  On the day of the March, hundreds of thousands of fellow Americans stood testifying against one of the greatest evils in the world.  Everyone listened to pro-life speakers as the first snowflakes fell. The number of participants may have been lower due to the impending storm, yet the call to end abortion stood strong.  I enjoyed the march and was on my way back home when God decided to release the key component to this event exceeding higher recognition than ever before.  My bus, along with hundreds of other stranded pilgrims in a twenty mile stretch  was stuck for twenty-two hours.  The waiting time went quite quickly with new friends to enjoy the pilgrimage with.  God used a storm to show the world how important it is to be a voice for life.




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CD of the Week

Lighthouse Catholic Media

The parish recently purchased CDs from Lighthouse Catholic Media.  They will be available for purchase in the East entry.  Each week one CD will be featured.  

 Week #1 - Meditations on the Stations of the Cross

The stations of the Cross is a devotion and reflection in which we walk alongside Jesus on His way to Calvary. By prayerfully participating in this meditation we are able to clearly see through His passion and death the depths of God's love for mankind and the price He paid for our salvation. This presentation includes powerful meditations by Dr. Ronald Thomas, Assistant Professor of Theology at Belmont Abbey College, with prayer responses by students from the college

Parishioner Comments

I like to meditate on the Stations of the Cross, and I use these meditations when I spend time in the Chapel. I like it very much.

Mary, CA

I am a returning Catholic who had never learned the Stations. After listening to this CD a number of times, I understand and will be confident to do this devotion.

Judy, SK CA