Sacred Heart Baptismal Certificates Can Be Reissued

Baptismal certificates are needed for confirmation in another parish, if your child is entering a Catholic School, entering a CCD program at a Church, if you are getting married or if you have moved from one Catholic Church to another. Sacred Heart can make a baptism certificate for anyone who was baptized here.  On that baptism certificate, we can also state when, if, and where 1st communion, confirmation, marriage, or holy orders took place.

If you have lost your original certificate, or need them for contact Sacred Heart for a new certificate.  We will need the following information.


1.  Complete name of the person who was baptized.

2.  Complete names of biological mother and father.

3.  Complete names of Christian Sponsors/witness (the godparents).

4.  Date of Birth (at least the year) and date of Baptism (at least the year).