Sacred Heart Cemetery

Sacred Heart Cemetery

24 Smith Street North

Aberdeen South Dakota


May 1st to August 31st - 8 AM to 6:30 PM

September 1st to April 30th - * AM to 4:30 PM

Please contact us for your needs, our office can be reached at 605-225-7065, Ext. 107





Rules and Regulations - 2016

PURCHASE of BURIAL RIGHTS: The Cemetery sells the exclusive and perpetual right to a burial in a grave.  Graves are never sold, only the right to burial is purchased.  The right to burial may be purchased for a single grave or a group of graves together forming a family plot.  The present cost of burial rights in an adult grave, regardless of size or location, may be obtained from the Parish Office.

Right TO BURIAL AGREEMENT provisions are as follows:  The right to burial in Sacred Heart Catholic Cemetery is limited to members of the parish, former parishioners and their families, and other members of the Catholic faith.  Burials are permitted for those not of the Catholic faith when they are members of the family.

  1. All the laws and regulations of the Catholic Church, the Diocese of Sioux Falls, and the state of South Dakota be kept and observed.
  2. A BURIAL PERMIT is required prior to a burial (this includes cremations).
  3. Cemetery regarding landscaping, planting of trees, shrubs, flowers, placement of markers, and other regulations be kept and observed.
  4. The right to burial is limited to family, immediate relatives or heirs and cannot be sold or given to other persons.
  5. The right to burial purchase agreement includes perpetual care of the grave.
  6. Unused burial rights may be returned to the Cemetery for the purchase price at the time of the original purchase.
  7. The burial purchase agreement is not a legal deed to the property, but simply the purchase of the right to burial on the designated lot.
  8. Sacred Heart Cemetery contains multiple sections dedicated to the Sisters of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, these sections are governed by the Sisters and the Sacred Heart Cemetery Board.  In keeping with the Sisters' desires to minimize their impact on our planet, a small subsection has been designated for use by those Sisters that wish to forgo embalming and the use of a casket or vault.

PREPARATION OF THE GRAVE: The cemetery charges a fee to prepare a grave burial which includes digging and filling in the of the grave.  The cost vary, especially during the winter months.  Contact the Parish Office for current cost.

UPKEEP OF THE GRAVE:  The cost of perpetual care is included in the purchase price of the burial right.

FLOWERS AND PLANTS: The planting of flowers is permitted only in concrete urns, vases with a base and ground level planters with a base (glass is not permitted).  The base of the planter must be a t least five (5) inches wide to permit the mowing of the grass by large machines.   Artificial flowers, wreaths, and cut flowers left on the grave will be removed by the caretaker after an appropriate period of time.

TREES, SHRUBS, AND BUSHES:  The planting of trees, shrubs and bushes are not permitted in any part of the Cemetery.  Donations may be make to the Cemetery for the purchase of trees and shrubs, which are planted in designated areas.

MEMORIAL DAY:  Artifical flowers, wreaths and cut flowers may be placed on graves between May 1st and July 1st.  This time frame will allow flowers to be placed before Mother's Day and removed after Father's Day.  The Caretaker will place a notice in the Sunday Bulletin two weeks prior to the removal of artificial flowers, wreaths, and cut flowers.   Flowers will be in approved vases.

CONCRETE URNS AND VASES:  Concrete urns and planters are permitted in the Cemetery placed by the headstone of the grave.

MONUMENTS, MARKERS, AND BENCHES; Monuments and markers may be purchased from commercial firms in the area.  It is very important to be aware of the Cemetery rules and regulations before the selection and purchase of markers and monuments.  The following information will be helpful:

No firm will be permitted to set any markers or monuments except with the purchase of a Monument Permit for the Parish Office

  1. The location monuments and markers will follow the pattern set in each particular section.  All tombstones will be set permanently on a pre-cast slab only after all outstanding balances for the purchase of burial rights or grave preparation have been paid. 
  2. The size of monuments and markers selected must comply with the space limitations and intended use of graves.
  3. All new markers and monuments in the new section of the Cemetery must be placed at the head of the grave.
  4. All new benches must be approved by the Sexton prior to placement on gravesites. Only benches of granite, marble or other stonework will be considered, concrete or wooded benches are not allowed, all benches must be placed on a pre-cast concrete slab that is 6" larger than the bench. 

MONUMENTS AND MARKER INSURANCE: Monuments and markers are purchased by the individual grave owners and remain their property.  The Cemetery does not cover these by insurance against theft, vandalism, storms and other damage.  Monuments owners are encouraged to include covers for the monuments and markers under their homeowner's insurance policy.

PREMATURE INFANT BURIALS: The burial of a premature infant (fetus) is done at the Cemetery with no charge to person(s) requesting burial.  Arrangements are made through the Parish Priest and Cemetery Caretaker.  A flat marker should be placed over the grave.

INFANT BURIALS: Infant burials may take place in an adult grave or several my be buried in one adult grave in a family lot.  Burial can also be made in an grave already used for an adult burial.  Markers must conform to existing patterns of the location, or be the flat, ground level type of marker.  Infant burials may also be made in a special Baby land Burial Section of the Cemetery.

BURIAL OF ASHES:  Burial of ashes when cremation takes place.  Burial may take place in an adult grave, several in one grave, or in a grave already used for burial.  Markers or monuments must conform to existing patters of location, or be the flat, ground level type marker.

WINTER BURIALS:  Every effort will be made to have the burial immediately after the funeral Mass.  The depth of the snow, blowing or drifting snow and the availability of grave digging and snow removal equipment on a certain day and other unforeseen problems could delay the winter burial until the problems are resolved.

STATUES AND OTHER ITEMS: Personal plastic, stone or ceramic statues and other items placed on the graves or markers are not permitted in the Cemetery.  In place of these, donations may be given to the Cemetery toward the purchase or maintenance of large permanent weather resistant expressions of religious faith, such as the Blessed Virgin Mary and Crucifixion statues currently erected in the Cemetery.

Please direct any questions you may have regarding these guidelines to the Parish Office