Sacrament of Confirmation

2017 Confirmation Mass is April 30th at 1:30 pm 




The sacrament of Confirmation is traditionally offered to Catholics who have received Baptism, First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion.  Preparation is a 3 month program, separate from all other programs and education offered.  Teens and families need to be attending Mass regularly, register for Confirmation through the parish, attend all classes and upon completion of the program and an interview, the sacrament is offered in the 10th grade year.  Additionally, we offer Confirmation through the RCIA process.  Please register for RCIA if you have been away from the Church for many years, or are an adult seeking Confirmation.  









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 Retreat Options:

Confirmation Retreat Options


Life in the Spirit for Teens Sept 24-25

Diocesan Events



Broomtree Confirmation Retreat Oct 1

Youth Conference Nov 12 

January 19-22– March for Life  $500 + food

Parish and Lay-Led Events

SEARCH – contact Amy Nightingale at 605-371-2320

for weekend retreat schedule and inforamtion.    $ 65 + travel

Catholic School Retreat

Roncalli 10th Grade retreat, during school hours




 Confirmation Class Schedule


Matthew Kelly's Decision Point online  Use this when you miss class.  The videos are located here.

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