Faith Formation and Religious Education


 A warm welcome to Sacred Heart Religious Education and Faith Formation!  We strive to serve all levels of faith inquiry and development, and are happy to be of service to Christ in His Church!

Mission & Vision

Our faith formation is based upon the discipleship model; meaning it is our sincere prayer and mission to bring souls to Christ, through relationship with Him in the Holy Trinity, and through His Church.  We strive to grow in Faith, Hope, and Charity in all of our education and faith formation ministry.

 Contact Us

Parish Office: 225-7065

Director of Religious Education E-mail:  Religious Education Office, 

Religious Education Assistant E-mail:  Dawn Wanttie,

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (CGS):  Religious Education Office, 


 Faith Formation for our little ones, 3yrs.-5yrs. old:  Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (CGS)  Atrium sessions are by registration, with 12 spots open in each session.  We have class Wednesday at 4:30-6, Thursday, 10:30-noon, Friday L 2 3:30-5 ans Sunday 10:30-11:20.

Grades  1-5 meet Wednesdays,September through April: Families can choose from one of two session options: 5:00-6:15 pm OR option 2 is from 7-8:15pm.  Classes are taught by volunteers who are in discipleship training and who have undergone Safe Environment training through the Diocese of Sioux Falls.

Faith Formation for grades 6-12 is done within the discipleship model.  We have small Discipleship groups which meet weekly, usually Wednesdays from 7-8:30PM.  Discipleship Groups do have the option of forming, under guidance and supervision of the DRE, to meet according to times that suit the group.  Each group is led by two trained adults, who disciple a group of 5-8 teens.  



Please say THANK YOU to our catechists and small group leaders who are passionate about passing on our Catholic Faith to your children:

CGS Lead Teachesr:  Deb Trefz, Stephanie Nora, Deb Kambel, Michele Coughlin.  Assistants:  Rebecca Pease, Laura Dreis, Deana Muller.  

1st Grade: 5pm:  Kelly Tracy; 7pm:  Peyton Kucker, aide Rose Brintnall

2nd Grade:  5pm:  Liberty Raba, aide:  James Raba; 7 pm:  Margie Moore, Casside Gergan, Rachal Hohenstein, Megan MAlsom

3rd Grade:  5pm:  open; 7pm:  Eric and Danielle Lyke

4th Grade: 5 pm: Lisa Jaspers; 7pm:  Barb Hauge, Wendi Wieg

5th Grade:  5pm:   David Wanttie, 7pm:  Tamara Kucker

6th Grade:  Group 1:  India Klipfel and Elissa Allen; Group 2:  Jennifer Black and Angela Heier

7th Grade:  Girls:  Barb Forred and Teresa Gauer; 7th Grade Boys:  Jennifer Sietsema

8th Grade Boys: Sam Kienow; 8th Grade Girls: Vivian Feliciano, Cami Dudley

9th Grade Girls:  Addy Diaz, aide Paula Knettel; 9th Grade Boys: Darren Kucker and Mike Mitzel;

10th Grade Girls Group 1: Tricia Harrod and Tammy Mitzel ; 9th Girls Group 2: Melissa Barnett;   9th Grade Girls Group 3:  Kris Gunther  9th Boys:  Chris Allen and Chris Beusch 

12th Grade Girls:  Margie Moore

Line of Sight young Men's group:  Tom Kessler, Michael Knapp, Dennis Wells

Thank you also to our substitutes and helpers:  Anna Weisser, 

Please pray and help preserve Catholic faith and culture in families: Teach!  Lead! Enjoy! Learn! Grow!!

Resources for All

Catholic Catechism


Official Vatican Site


Children's Programs


Basic Information about CGS  

Parent Resources for CGS

Traditional Religious Education  We use St. Ignatius Press, Faith and Life as our course of study.

Home Study  we use a variety of home study materials, depending upon availability and family need.  We use St. Ignatius Press, Faith and  Life

RCIC (Rite of Christian Initiation for children and teens)  Meets Thursdays at 3:30-4:30pm, in the Faith Formation Office.  This class is for children and youth who have not had faith formation or are coming back intot he church.  Instruction is given for those desiring Baptism, Holy Communion, Reconciliation and Confirmation.

Special Needs faith formation is done on an as-needed basis, fit to the people who are in need. 

Faith Formation Sites for Children


Youth Discipleship

YDisciple Ministry Program  please refer to the website for this program

Faith Formation Online Resources for Teens


Fireside Catholic Youth Bible   


Adult Faith Formation

FORMED: an Augustine Institute online consortium

Register online with your own user account, and use our parish code to access all materials free to you.

Speakers and Events

Parish Mission:  January 2017

March for Life Jan 2017,  Washington DC.

RCIA (Rite f Christian Initiation for Adults)

 Please click on the RCIA Tab for more information..


Catholic Community Light of the World RETREAT .  Register with the parish 

Light of the World is an ongoing adult faith formation community, with small groups that meet regularly.  LOTW provides a well-rounded faith formation experience in the yearly retreats, follow-up formation, and the ongoing small group opportunities.  If you are looking for community, involvement, relationship... this is the place for you!  Please contact Barb Forred through the parish office for more information.

Light of the World Small Faith Sharing Groups:  contact the parish for the group coordinator information

Study Groups

Adult Faith Formation EVERY Wednesday, 7-8:15pm, with Family Nights on fors Wednesdays, beginning at 6:30 (supper. Worhip & Word, study) until 8pm 

Bible Study with Deacon Kelley Tuesday mornings after daily mass, during Advent and Lent

Marriage Enrichment

FORMED :  Beloved series.  register online with your own account and use our parish code to access all programs for free.  

The Choice Wine

South Dakota Marriage Encounter:

World Wide Marriage Encounter:

Help with troubled marriage:

Engaged Couples’ Resources:


Online Faith Formation for Adults 


Knights of Columbus

Luke E. Hart Course, and Faith Formation Course (free)

Online Catholic

American Catholic

Emmaus Journey Scripture Study:


Discipleship Ministry Training

US Catholic Bishops' Site

Chastity Project:  Matt Fradd & Others  blog, videos, articles

Word on Fire:  Fr. Robert Barron  many resources free –videos, blog

Works of Mercy


Websites for Resources to Order

Lighthouse Catholic Media

Ignatius Press

Ave Maria Press

Fireside Catholic Press

Ascension Press

Leaflet Missal

St. Mary’s Press


Phone Apps

Word Among Us:  Daily readings & commentary

Laudate: Readings, commentary, prayers, Divine Office, saints, meditations


 Catholic Radio

88.9 FM   on your dial